LCAP Board of Directors

Jon MacNamara  President, Executive Board Synatek
Ryan Mason  Vice President, Executive Board Tomlinson Bomberger 
Shawn Kravitsky Past President, Executive Board Grasshopper Lawns, Inc.
Dan Rothermel Past President, Executive Board Green Giant Lawn & Tree Care
Scott Chambers Past President, Executive Board Viking Lawn Service
Mike Kravitsky, IV Past President, Executive Board Grasshopper Lawns Inc.
Tom Knopsnyder Lawn Care Director Green Lawn Fertilizing, Inc.
Andy Adams Lawn Care Director TruGreen
Ed Fee Lawn Care Director Moyer Indoor Outdoor
Jim Foglio Lawn Care Director Lasting Impressions Landscapes
Tara Beauregard Supplier Director  Dow
Phil Easton Supplier Director Crop Production Services
Richard Shearman Supplier Director Reed and Perrine
Jessica Lenker Advisory Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Tanner Delvalle   Advisory Penn State Extension 
Wanda S. Fry Administrator Lawn Care Association of PA